Bissell ProHeat 9500 2X CleanShot Upright Deep Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 9500 2X CleanShot Upright Deep Cleaner

Tough, old stains in the carpet? Pet hair clinging to the upholstery? Delicate rugs looking grubby? Let the Bissell ProHeat 9500 2X Cleanshot come to you aid!

The Bissell ProHeat 9500 2X has its own solution for fighting the toughest stains. For hard wearing carpets, its built in heater can heat hot tap water up to 25 degrees. The cleaner will then mix with the right amount of cleaning fluid to safely and effectively clean your rugs. A no-heat option is available for more delicate carpets.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X 9500 has three cleaning options as well as a rinse function to cater for your different cleaning needs. The dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes remove dirt safely while grooming your carpet. A CleanShot feature is incorporated to tackle stubborn stains and the Dry Aire system helps to remove water, leaving the carpet dry.

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  • Floating suspension that self-adjusts to all carpet heights
  • Two-in-one water tank keeping clean and dirty water separate
  • Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush rolls
  • CleanShot feature for stubborn stains
  • Water heating and Dry Aire system
  • Wide range of accessories including tough stain tool, upholstery tool, TurboBrush and mesh bag.

What People are Saying About the Bissell ProHeat 9500

While many people are delighted with this product, we are concerned at the number of people unhappy with its durability.


A month before I purchased the Bissell ProHeat 2X CleanShot, I had a commercial cleaner clean the light colored carpets in our home. A few weeks after the cleaning, the cat was sick on the carpet. When I cleaned it up, the carpet looked cleaner in that spot. I decided that was the last time I was going to spend that much money on “professional” cleaners when I could do it myself cheaper. I ordered the ProHeat and when I cleaned the carpets, I couldn’t believe how dirty the water was in the tank! This machine has hot air blowing out of the side which helps dry the carpets. I highly recommend this wonderful cleaner.

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This Bissell Proheat Carpet cleaner is worth every penny I paid. It’s amazing how well the brushes pull pet hair out of the carpet; even when the area has already been vacuumed. Plus my purchase price at Amazon with delivery was still less than the local department stores.

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We bought the Proheat 2X 3 years ago and have used it about 6 times total. It did a wonderful job of getting the carpet clean, but after only using it 6 times it now does not dispense the water or soap. We tried to get it fixed and checked with two different repair shops, one of which was a Bissell authorized repair shop. The one authorized by Bissel took off the top tank and said there was no way to fix it because the heater had been made too close to the tank and warped it. He said he won’t even carry them or work on them anymore. The second shop asked what kind of Bissell shampooer it was and when I told him he wouldn’t even take it in to look at it. He said this model was not repairable. This is definately not a good product and I would not recommend it to anyone!

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